Quarry Academy®

Education Seminar
NOVEMBER 19-21, 2024

2024 Registration IS NOW OPEN!


What We Teach

The course is focused on teaching participants how to produce aggregates in an efficient manner. It addresses current best practices in quarry operations with a focus on systems integration, economic sustainability, process improvement, overall cost reduction and the use of practical safety as a part of daily work behavior.


System Integration

The course aims at providing attendees an overall picture of the aggregate proces. Cost reduction and efficiency may be achieved in different stages of production and having an overall perspective of the process can impact operation efficiency. The fundamental topics of safety as a part of daily work behavior and some legal considerations are also contemplated as part of the training.


Economic Sustainability

The efficient use of quarrying resources is at the heart of this program. The course explores lean thinking, process improvement, quarry planning and metrics, load & haul practical cost improvement, and process optimization, among other topics.

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Behind the Seminar

Quarry Academy® in the USA is an educational seminar that looks at the full production stream of quarry operations. This program has been run by Sandvik and Dyno Nobel for 17 years.

Who Will Present


We have a wide range of experts leading the courses. Our speakers come from well respected companies in the industry. Read more about our Quarry Academy seminar speakers here.  


  • We’ve got beginning guys [at Quarry Academy] all the way up to the advanced level, and they are picking stuff up and getting enough out of it that it justifies the investment we put in the program. It’s fantastic…

    Dan Johnson

    Anderson Columbia

  • You can learn a lot of things in operations that could be done better to save time and money.

    John Webb

    Specialty Granules

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